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Before I start to my article, I want to warn you! What you’re about to read are mostly about programming and engineering. If you don’t show any interest to these topics, I kindly ask you to read another one of my articles. Or you can stay here and try to figure it out wether this article is written in Klingon or not.

Hey there! Are you interested in programming too? You should, because it’s the new trend, like learning English, you may not learn it but it will become very useful in the future and you’re going to feel the absence of it. Even the big politicians are aware of that. A few months ago President Obama declared that teaching the youth programming is going to be our future and he is planning to encourage schools about putting a programming lesson right after 3rd grade. If you want a quick introduction to the big world of programming, just keep on reading, and play the song below, it’s a good one. (It’s a soundcloud link, which is banned in Turkey. Can’t see it? There’s another reason that you shouldn’t read this article.)

The topic may seem really confusing for you, but it isn’t.
It’s just like learning a new language, it’s a bit challenging at the beginning (actually it’s going to be challenging for the whole time, I’ll get into that later)
But when you get the hang of it, it will be really cool.
There are many ways to program, if you want to make a website, build an app or build a quadcopter by yourself, you just have to write some lines of code to get you what you want. However, you have to choose which one you want to learn for your own goal. Do you want an object oriented language or a visual oriented one (or many other types which I really don’t bother to mention).

There are many languages that you can learn, there is C, C#, C++, Python, Ruby, HTML, Java and much more, these are the most popular ones.
For example: C is like German, it’s really confusing and you have to watch out for your mistakes or you will be punished by an error report or a grammar nazi quite often. But it will do your job many times and it is kinda like father of many other languages.
Python and Ruby are like Spanish and Portugese. They have lots in common, easy to learn at the beginning and mistake-forgiving. They’re both really practical and popular around the world.

For myself; I started learning with C, which was a mistake by the way, and continued with HTML, went on with Python and planning to move on with Java.

Python is an object-oriented program (OOP). Object orientation is meant to help you create complex programs with very little code. A lot of languages use object orientation, and not just for graphical user interfaces. You can use objects to build web applications or simulators or games. Any time you need to write an advanced program but don’t want your code to turn into a tangled mess of spaghetti, object orientation can come to the rescue!
Want to learn it? Here is a good way to start: Code Academy is a good website that you can learn Python and many other languages, but I suggest you to start with Python.

Python comes with many tools, but still you’re going to need some extras. For example: Pygame is a tool that helps python play audio files. For Windows and Linux it is really easy to install it, but there is no version for Python3 on MacOS. In order to install it I spent around 2 hours on the internet, it was like chasing the dragon. And then I found this link, which is really a shortcut, like flying to Mordor all the way with eagles.

If you want to jump to the world of programming but have no interest on reading brick-like books that are boring as hell, I suggest you to read “Head First Programming”. It’s an easy book, has a good way to teach you about programming and it uses python. You’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. It’s available on Safari Online Books, but we all know that you’ll find a “free version” of it. Anyway, here is a quick link for the book too.

As my final words, I really suggest you to learn to program. Or you can jump from a cliff, I don’t care. (Of course I care, I love you my dear readers!)

Take care.

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