An Updated Journey

It has been 3 years since I’ve posted anything new to here. This website has become a classic car. I drove it 5 times after I’ve owned it and I keep bragging about owning it but I never use it. Well, things do change. I studied for 3 years and during this time I should’ve used this blog as a diary or a logbook, logging what has changed in me. Well, I’ve matured, learned a lot of things, been into many relationships and never told about anything.

After my internship at Prime Tech, I’ve learned a lot about web dev. One thing that is certain in web developing is that nothing goes the way you want at 100%. Look at the header picture. If you view it in desktop mode, it is perfect. In mobile mode, some parts of the image are cropped.  In tablet mode, it is unreadable. No one buys that crap of design. I want this picture to be there, the client (this case, also me) also want it there but auto resizing and cropping causes that problem.  To solve it, I must redesign the whole page, which is a burden.  So, let it be it. I don’t care. For now.

During this summer holiday, I am planning to add new talents and languages to my arsenal. Those are Unity (game developing) and the bass guitar (I bought one but never learned to play). I also want to improve my angular skills that I’ve just learned. I’ll start doing these by starting my friend’s group’s website project. I’ll probably use WordPress but as a challenge, I want to do it with angular and use Primeng.

Lastly, there has been so many things that I want to talk about here. However, things have changed. I’m a busy man and there are lots to do. I will keep posting here more often (even if I post next one after a year, it will be “more often”). See ya!

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